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A creative, rambling space...

image shows natural bush valley with a path through the middle. woman carrying a baby on one hip and holding another childs hand

A few years ago now, my husband Toby took some photos to accompany this story on The (fabulous) Planthunter by his cousin Kate Shannon. This is my round about way of telling you that because of that he penned a bio where he wrote about himself:

"Having recently married a passionate home gardener, he is enjoying time in their

new backyard and forming a creative, rambling space for their family (and plants!)

to grow."

At the time we had one son and were just 'turning the sod' at our house and garden having recently moved from an apartment. As I take a brief reprieve whilst my daughter has a (brief) nap I look around at my bouncy nasturtiums, brilliant yellow wattle, peach blossom and happy chooks. I ponder what to forage for tomorrow's orders and I wonder how much Toby (lover of fantasy) foresaw when he wrote that piece?


Foraged and Fleurs starts (or like most small businesses, doesn't stop?!) the day before your fleurs arrive, with “the foraging”. A visit to my parents Burbank farm (or mum on facetime if I'm time challenged that day). Picking, preening, usually a bush walk for inspiration, choosing the seasons best foliage, fillers and 'extras'. Recent favourtes have included Aniseed Myrtle, Grevillea, Earlicheer...
And a special rooftop ramble by mum to rescue these lovely banksia...


Next, back at Fleurs St comes “the fleurs”. Early on the morning of your fleurs delivery day I'm off to the flower market. I'm the annoying one asking if “the rose is Australian grown?” and “where is that freesia grown?” or “Are the Lockyer Valley ranunculus in yet?”


Annoying, but before Foraged and Fleurs I had no idea the issues associated with imported flowers. Working conditions, sprays on export and import arrival and air miles to name a few. I'm not perfect by any stretch but as best I can, I'm choosing Australian Grown.


Back at home, where my “creative, rambling space” now extends under the house to my 'studio' and I am in my happy place, creating your fleurs. I switch between Classic FM or a spotify party classics playlist. I have a smile on my face and I think the flowers smile back. I pick a few extra bits from my garden or a neighbours (I always ask first!) and then its time to “wrap and pack”.



Did you know that for most fleurs delivered within the CBD and inner city, I'll personally deliver them? People see me (or rather a colourful bunch of flowers on legs) walking past and they often break out in smiles. I love it.



Magic Mondays and Fab Fridays. Delivering to Brisbanites Now.


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