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About Me


People ask how I got into flowers, I think it might just be that they finally found me! I studied Interior Design at uni and worked in that industry for about 10 years but eventually found that it was too... interior-ie! I wanted to be outdoors! And ironically there wasn't enough colour- too much selecting just the right shade of white/grey/beige and not enough time enjoying all the variety that nature provides!

Add two babies, a family who all love plants and gardens (and colour) and we're nearly at Foraged and Fleurs!

The other essential part of founding Foraged and Fleurs for me was ensuring that products that I sold treaded as lightly as possible. Every bunch uses a combination of foraged finds from my garden, or my parents farm combined with all Australian-grown market fresh flowers. Plastic wraps from my market bunches are recycled via red-cycle boxes, green waste is composted either on my 380 square metre block or on my parents farm. I've been proudly floral foam free since I started (you may know it as the green 'oasis' blocks) and deliver every bunch in 100% compostable wrap- paper, recycled card tag, jute string, biodegradable sticky tape and either a recycled jar or compostable mailing sachet as a water source.

I love seeing the notes to recipients, I love seeing the smiles and delight when flowers are delivered.  A few flowers for a nature lover say a thousand words!

Give me a bell to chat about any queries, orders, subscriptions or custom requests.