Custom orders available on request:

Getting into Fleurian Festivities

Hello Foraged and Fleurians!

I hope all is well as we enter the warmer months and we start turning our minds to C-C-Christmas!

There is no need to panic! I will have you covered for floral goodies and gifts but I will be in touch about those ideas as we edge closer... this email is mainly to talk about events... Christmas parties, staff parties, family do's...

It's the season for merriment and if you (or someone you know- please send them my way!) need a larger format floral project please get in touch ASAP as dates are limited! 

What am I talking about? You can expect the same goodness you know and love from foraged and fleurs... fresh, Australian-grown market flesh flowers mixed with interesting farm-foraged finds... in a variety of formats such as:

Table arrangements of any sort... floral vase arrangements or festive foliage arrangements... I don't need to tell you that of course they are floral foam free and compostable! (*images shown are indicative only and will vary depending on seasonal availability of flowers and foliage)

Floral or botanic intsallations: Large installations to set the scene, make an impression or... change the feel of your boardroom/dining room/stage or space to suit your business, brand or party vibe.



Bulk/multiple orders of flowers for example as thankyou gifts for speakers, prize winners, staff, teachers... Anyone who will value sustainable, seasonal flowers with a handwritten note...

Festive garlands for your business, reception or shopfront. Long lasting seasonal green foliage will be chosen (*image shown is indicative only) to bring sustainable merriment your way!

Wreaths such as this large-scale beauty (almost 1.3m diameter!) made of native monkey rope, fastened with wire and with a spray of australian-grown dried florals to ensure they last through hot December days. This would suit a large space such as reception, shop front or window and would be perfect to affix your product for a natural, all-australian Christmas.
I will continue to offer my seasonal bouquets each week so there is no need to panic about those, just get in touch via email, give me a call or head to the website to order. This will suit your own home as the festive events start to pile up: simply pop fleurs in front of the mess and distract everyone with the beautiful blooms! Or someone elses: take the stress away and order a bunch to your office for Friday. Enjoy on your own desk for the day and then take out the title of best guest when you arrive with a lovely pressie for your host...

I will also be adding a few seasonal gifting options (including smaller domestic scale wreaths!) so keep an eye out for sustainable floral goodies and gifts in future emails!
To order any of the festive items or lock in a date for an event just give me a call or drop me an email.
Happy Spring (or is it now Spr-ummer?) for now!